AR Valve Schroeder

About Schroeder Valve

Schroeder Valves is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing pump protection valves based in Gummersbach, Germany. For more than 70 years we have been producing superior quality automatic recirculation valves for centrifugal pumps around the globe.

SSV Series

The all-roudner
The AR Valve of our SSV series is a reliable device that automatically protects centrifugal against wear, total loss and damage that can result from running dry, from cavitation or from operationg under low-load conditions, generally suitable from pressure up to 140 bar or up to 180 bar.

SSV Series

With control disc
The AR Valve of  our SSV series 40-80 is especially designed for centrifugal pumps, whhich in relation to the main flow require a significantly increased demand for minimun flow, up to 70% of the main flow at low discharge pressure. Due to the design of the control disc, the use of the valve is limited to a maximum pressure difference between inlet (DN1) and bypass outlet (DN3) of 40 bar.

SIP Series

For intermediate pressure
The AR Valve of our SIP series is a pump protection device particularly developed to cover application up to 250 bar with frequent plant operation at minimum flow conditions with open bypass, i.e. split flow to process and bypass line.

SHP Series

For high pressure
The AR Valve of our SHP series was developed for high and extermely high pressure beyond 250 bar and also works reliably under highly fluctuating load conditions.

SMA Series

High pressure for ON or OFF
The SMA automatic minimum flow system is an AR Valve that offers low wear and very high operational safety at the highest pressure loads.

SDV Series

Back pressure device
The back pressure device SDV prevents the static pressure in the upstream piping system to fall below a defined minimum valve-irrespective of the flow rate.

SSD Series

Multi-port throttles
The multiport throttles SSD 1-6 are used in nominal widths ranging from DN20 to DN500 (0.5″ – 20″), in standard pressure steps up to PN630 (ASME 2500) and up to a permissible media temperature of


Power Plants

  • Boiler feed waer
  • Condensate cycle

Chemical Industry

  • Process chemicals
  • Liquid gases

Petrochemical Industry

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Liquid gases

Offshare / Seawater

  • Fire extinguishing
  • Water injection

Renewable Engergies

  • Solar plants
  • Hydrogen generation

Ship loading / Marine

  • Feed water cycles
  • Firefighting
  • Carbo pump systems

Paper Industry

  • Boiler feed water cycle

Steel Mills

  • Descaling


  • Snow blowers
  • Industrial heating system
  • Test benches

Nuclear Power Plants

  • Secondary feed water cycle
  • Primary circuit (auxiliary systems)


  • Liquified natural gas

Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP)

  • Boiler feed water cycle